• Small Group Personal Training

    Small Group Personal Training Program: Heckers’ Fitness offers the best Small Group Personal Training Program around utilizing free weights, cable machines, functional trainers, and workout toys:). No need to organize your own group with this program. That’s right, all you need is yourself and the courage to start. You can do it! This the most cost effective way to achieve your fitness goals other than doing it on your own. With this program expect to lose weight, get stronger, increase endurance & flexibility, feel & look better. Class Size: Group size will vary. We will sell 6 spaces per time slot, however individuals are welcomed to make up missed sessions, for a possible max number of 8 people per session. All sessions are designed to meet all fitness levels. Whether you are level 1 or 10, we will make modifications to suit your needs. We will be with you every step of the way to help you meet your own personal workout needs. Additional Perks To Program:  Additionally, you can track your body composition with advanced ultrasound body fat testing each month for FREE.                                Small Group Personal Training Cost


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    Drop-in/Single Session  N/A  $40/Workout
    1 Session Per Week  $140/Month  $140-$175/Month ($35/Workout)
    2 Sessions Per Week  $220/Month  $240-$270/Month ($30/Workout)
    3 Sessions Per Week $260/Month $300-$325/Month ($25/Workout)
  • Cardio Ripped

    Cardio Ripped:  This is a joint friendly cardio class that is broken up into segments all designed to keep heart rate up & not beat your muscles up for those who do weights the day before/after. Don’t worry, this class will dump calories & burn fat to show off your mid-section & behind guaranteed! In fact, one segment is even designed specifically to tone your abdominals & another the backside (posterior chain) while keeping the heart rate up. Note, this is a challenging workout but the amount of intensity you put into it is up to you. We provide modifications to exercises when needed to accommodate for most special health/joint considerations. Price ranges from $10-$20 per session depending on how many you purchase at one time.
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  • The Art of Kettlebell

    This is a group training program where you will be physically prepared for proper Kettlebell lifting by building a foundation of functional strength, joint mobility and endurance-strength conditioning. The focus will always be on correct Kettlebell technique and workouts will develop week to week as new skills (some may progress faster than others) are mastered and conditioning improves. In addition to the Kettlebell you will perform a plethora of fun fitness oriented surprises that will give the most well-rounded  conditioning & fat loss group session around. By joining this program, you will personally experience why the Russians loved the Kettlebell for developing mutant-like conditioning, functional strength, flexibility, a decrease in body fat and a really toned core (mid-section and buns). The results are waiting for you. Price ranges from $10-$20 per session depending on frequency or how many you purchase at one time.
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  • Small Group Personal Training

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